ESASPropona’s Electronic Self Assessment System (ESAS) is a software system for demonstrably improving organisational performance against the Estyn Common Inspection Framework. This is the framework against which Estyn inspect the quality and standards in education and training in Wales.

ESAS is a secure online database driven system for delivery via the internet or corporate intranet that allows users to enter evidence records against each performance criterion (key question in Estyn Framework terminology) as well as providing management facilities for the documentation referenced by these evidence records. The product supports the ability to create unlimited teams and sites within an organisation so that you can break down and manage the structure of how data is collected. Access to the system is via a password protected login and users rights and security within the system can be carefully managed to ensure the quality and consistency of the data entered.

The system automatically logs any changes to the evidence provided against the performance criteria so that there is an audit history available of changes and modifications. To assist data entry ESAS provides a number of reports and alerts to help guide data input staff to missing or problematic records. In addition, ESAS provides an “action points” facility where teams can collaboratively manage their “to do” list of tasks, facilitating continual improvement and higher performance levels. Search functionality to find evidence entries or to search within uploaded documents is also available.

The product includes a suite of tools to help search, filter and select the data provided for inclusion in the final report that is delivered to Estyn. A “quality manager” role exists to powerfully manage the system data and provide reports in MS Word or MS Excel. Given the complexity and power of the system, ESAS is delivered with full context-sensitive help within the application as well as a user manual. Propona also provide training in the use of the system.

ESAS supports both English and Welsh languages.

ESAS targets the Estyn Common Inspection Framework by default but the performance criteria to which evidence is assigned could be the elements and sub-elements of an alternate Quality Management System or assessment framework for any knowledge domain. ESAS is readily adaptable to any such system where assessment and improvement is judged via a hierarchical set of criteria, and supporting evidence, for example ISO9000 or Investors In People (IIP). 

ESAS has been successfully delivered to organisations in South Wales and more information is included in the allied case study.