Case Study: Careers Wales Cardiff and the Vale

 Careers Wales Cardiff and the Vale 'We were very pleased with the quality of the work that you did for us, in particular how quickly you grasped the concept of what we wanted to achieve, how thorough you were in developing the detailed requirements specification and especially how you met all the deadlines.'
Rita Deegan, Careers Wales Cardiff & The Vale

Careers Wales provide career guidance to young people and are required to perform a yearly self-assessment quality audit in accordance with the Estyn framework. In the past this audit has been a paper-based affair with a great deal of time and effort required to compile, collate and edit all of the evidence that supports the quality self-assessment goal. Propona were hired to design an intranet system that would take this process online and so a fully bespoke system was built which included support for multiple application roles via ASP.NET membership services, document and evidence management facilities and extensive reporting and exporting functionality based on the gathered data.

There were 2 keys factors to the success of the project:

  • Capturing the detailed project requirements from the business domain knowledge holders within the Careers Wales team effectively
  • Maximising the usability of key pages of the evidence management, primarily via the use of 3rd party UI controls.

Propona also delivered training to all users of the system.

The application solution was an n-tier ASP.NET/ SQL Server 2000 web application utilising elements from the Telerik r.a.d.controls product suite.