What services do Propona offer? We provide the full range of services relating to the software development project lifecycle from business analysis to ongoing support. We are particularly good at developing complex websites which work well across a variety of devices whether laptop, tablet or phone; but  we are capable of considerably more. We categorise our projects within the following overlapping services: 


A typical Propona website solution is a Content Management System (CMS) or web eCommerce site, based around our own products and incorporating website design and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services. By developing solutions based on our core products we are able to offer lower development costs and shorter project durations than if every project started from scratch. [more on our websites service]

Bespoke Development

A number of our clients have requirements based around specific business needs that cannot be met by a relatively simple website. In such instances a bespoke software development project is required that may use several technologies. These projects typically include a period of detailed requirements analysis to ensure the best basis for delivering the necessary functionality that will optimally automate the underlying business processes.[more on our bespoke development service]


Propona will provide consultancy on the full range of IT project lifecycle services enabling our clients to utilise elements of Propona's expertise outside of the context of a software development project. This can include both Microsoft technology specific consultancy, but also business and requirements analysis to assess how key business processes might be improved and aligned to technologies to provide competitive advantage to the client. [more on our consultancy service ]

Cloud Services

Microsoft Cloud Services encompass Office 365, CRM Online and Windows Azure. Propona is a member of the Microsoft Cloud Essentials programme and is ready and waiting to help you realise the potential of Microsoft's new services within your business, from assisting with implementing SharePoint online or making the most of the scalable hosting solution that Azure offers. [more on Cloud Services]