What services do Propona offer? We provide the full range of services relating to the software development project lifecycle from business analysis to ongoing support. We no longer tender for large software development projects given our smaller team size and the inherent inefficiencies of this approach. Rather, we largely provide services on a ‘time and materials’ basis We categorise our projects within the following overlapping services:


Propona will provide consultancy on the full range of IT project lifecycle activities enabling our clients to utilise areas of Propona's expertise inside or outside of the context of a software development project. This may include both Microsoft technology specific services, for example ASP.NET development resources, but also technology agnostic activities such as requirements analysis or Agile coaching


A significant component of our day to day business is providing support of existing software applications, typically database driven websites built on Microsoft technologies but not necessarily so, and not necessarily originally developed by Propona either. Our support service is normally delivered under a Service Level Agreement to guarantee a certain number of hours of monthly support/ developer availability within a maximum response time.

Example Projects

Some examples to provide further context:

  • Ongoing support of an Azure ASP.NET / SQL Server web application: 5 days per month under an agreed SLA to include proactive support based on Azure Monitor alerts, reactive application support as well as bug fixes and minor new development.
  • Updating of a .NET/ SQL Server solution from ASP.NET Web Forms to the latest web technologies: requirements analysis/ confirmation, solution re-architecture based on current best practice, design and implementation. Project time boxed/ resource boxed at 3 months/ 1 developer @ 50% availability for 6 months invoiced monthly at a standard day rate.
  • Agile Coach / Scrum Master consultancy – 2 weeks of consultancy to review and report on your organisations current Scrum practices including working with your Scrum team so relieve current blockers to effective use of Scrum.
  • Web application development of new admin/ reporting requirements for an existing .NET/ ASP.NET Core application. Project time boxed/ resource boxed at 2 months/ 1 developer @ 50% availability for 4 months invoiced monthly at a standard day rate.
  • Azure DevOps consultancy – reviewing and extending the monitoring strategy of an ASP.NET web application to best practice to include Application Insights optimisation. Goal: to improve customer satisfaction from perceived and actual platform stability and to allow better, near real time reporting of key system metrics to stakeholders to facilitate better business and operational decision making.
  • Support of a Content Managed website – content management and optimisation of content as well as DevOps in the form of looking after the hosting platform. Nominally 24 days over a 12 month period under an agreed SLA, to be extended as required.
  • Code evaluation and black and white box testing of an ASP.NET/ SQL Server application.