News:  Occam’s Razor and Umbraco (28/02/2014)

Occam’s Razor and Umbraco

As you’ll be aware if you’ve spent any time on this site Propona offer our own Content management System, Pro:CMS, but we are also more than happy to use other (Microsoft .NET based) CMS systems as dictated by project requirements as the central tenet of Pro:CMS is simplicity. To keep things simple we limit functionality to the core features required of a CMS and if our clients want greater power and flexibility we either have to extend Pro:CMS or use a different product.

Why Microsoft .NET based? Because this is the set of technologies we are experienced in and focus and we therefore have no interest in becoming adept with Wordpress, for example, despite its popularity! We undertook a product review for a client recently who wanted to move from their previous proprietary CMS system and we were pleasantly surprised with the marketplace for free/ open source .NET CMS products out there, particularly with Umbraco, currently at version 7, and which seems to have really come on a pace since last reviewed its capabilities.

In fact we were so impressed we decided to employ it for our next project and as we remain impressed we are keen to utilise it for further projects, hence this news item! So, why Umbraco? It is a highly capable CMS which is being used by almost 90,000 websites - there is safety in numbers. Increasingly importantly it works out of the box with mobile friendly templates which can be customised by designers and the functionality extended by developers.

It has simple and customisable editing and content creation tools, it's easy to manage and maintain your website exactly how you want it. Umbraco doesn't dictate how you should work - that should be up to you, not your content management system. Editors have as little or as much freedom as they need. And if you don't like the changes you've made? Simply rollback to a previous version.

If you like the look of Umbraco and are interested in a Content Management System for your website, get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Oh, have you worked out why the Occam’s Razor of the title? We are firm believers that the appropriate solution is the simplest one which will meet the client’s requirements. Overly complex = sub-optimal, as per Occam, nee Ockham!

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